Hello! Well can you believe it, it's still snowing?! And my Mum called me from London this morning all excited as it's snowing there too! ('What's all the fuss about?' I hear you guys North of South Sweden asking?! haha!). Today I thought I'd share a couple of pics from my kitchen. I have a bit of a black, white, light grey and wood theme going on. And of course a star for a touch of Christmas.

My Scandinavian Home
The mat on the floor is a traditional Swedish Tasmatta  (rag rug) which are handwoven on a loom using strips of recycled cloth.  Believe it or not, Swedish friends, I bought these two rag rugs in Jysk! I love that they have strips of silver cloth mixed in with the weave.

The tray is the Bricka Plattan by Barbro Tryberg.

Have a lovely day!